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We specialize in a wide array of services tailored to healthcare business needs. Because Empower was formed to address the specific challenges of operating as a healthcare provider, we’re uniquely equipped to understand and provide solutions for your business that other partners might not offer. In fact, our team includes professionals who have worked directly with patients.

The best part is that our team works together to combine their industry experience and unique areas of expertise, focused on our clients’ goals to help them succeed.



Business Intelligence & Reporting

Revenue Cycle Management

HR Support

Marketing & Brand Partnership

IT & Software

Fleet Management

and more
to Empower you!

Results-Driven Solutions

Key Offerings

  • Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management 

  • Compliance – Clinical Operational Support, Educational Support & Training, and Coding Across Applicable Regulations 

  • EMR Support 

  • Operational Support 

  • Audit/Survey/ADR Preparedness 

  • Payroll and HR Administration

Employment Services

  • Payroll Processing 

  • HR Support & Employee Relations Guidance 

  • Policies & Procedures 

  • Recruiting & Placement 

  • Standards of Practice (According to Local & Federal Regulations) 

  • Documentation Processes 

  • Employee & Operational Data 

  • Training & Development Solutions

Digital Services

  • Business Intelligence – Customized Dashboards, KPI Development, Data-Driven Analysis

  • Machine Learning Solutions for Documentation Quality

  • IT Services – Network Management, Desktop Services, Ticket System

  • Marketing & Brand Guidance and Development

Let’s Get Into the Details

“We work as a team, there's no separation – you know who you’re working with and you have relationships with them. It's not a call center.”

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