Empower's Documentation Compliance Featured Image
Empower's Documentation Compliance Featured Image
How Can Document Defender Help You?
In the evolving healthcare industry, the journey for Home Health and Hospice providers can be interrupted by challenges, particularly when it comes to navigating audits and documentation compliance. Recently, Hospice News shed light on a concerning statistic: nearly 53% of home-based care providers find themselves in multiple audits simultaneously. This revelation has sparked conversations within the industry about the need for transparency, efficiency, and expertise in the documentation process.
Recognizing the pressing need to help our partners with these challenges, we created a tool to address increased liability, reduce exposure to penalties, and promote sustainable and compliant clincial documentation with industry best practices:
See how Document Defender can help you avoid being unprotected
before, during, and after audits & help you save $1,200 to $11,000 per chart in recoupments!
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Ways Document Defender Can Help

New Health Provider

You are a newly licensed health provider and receive a flurry of ADRs requiring extensive documentation to receive reimbursement or to avoid recoupments.
Document Defender helps streamline the process by automatically tracking and organizing documentation in your EMR database, allowing you to efficiently respond to each ADR and avoid potential recoupment costs.

Multiple Audits

You find your organization facing simultaneous audits from different regulatory bodies, each with its own set of documentation requirements.
With Document Defender, you can centralize documentation management processes and track the quality of each medical record using keywords, allowing compliance with regulatory standards.

High Staff Turnover

You are experiencing high staff turnover, resulting in gaps in documentation management, compliance oversight, and employee expertise.
Document Defender serves as a reliable resource for new and tenured staff members, providing tools to streamline documentation review & training. This helps you maintain continuity of care and compliance even during periods of staff transition.

Documentation Errors

You are encountering challenges in accurately documenting clinical information and/or proactively understanding areas of potential finanial risk, which impact care decisions, billing, and your ability to remain in compliance.
Document Defender is designed with A.I. Technology that utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to track and analyze medical records for keywords that would potentially disqualify a patient from receiving services or cause your company to absorb recoupment cost.

Documentation Self-Assessment

This assessment will help you determine if you and your healthcare company can benefit from our digital documentation quality solution. Answer the questions below to see how protected you are today and what you can do next:

Defender FAQs

What is Document Defender?
Document Defender is Empower Services' proprietary solution designed to proactively defend Hospices and Home Health providers against the financial risks associated with chart non-compliance (think ADRs and recoupments, to name two). It utilizes advanced natural language processing and machine learning within your EMR to track and analyze documented chart records & keywords, providing you better insights on your chart quality and more streamlined compliance with industry standards.
By implementing Document Defender, providers can experience benefits such as potentially-reduced recoupment costs, streamlined audit processes, enhanced compliance, proactive information on chart issues, and peace of mind knowing that their documentation - and business - has another line of defense. It's not just a tool—it's a strategic investment in the future success of your organization.
All Hospice and Home Health providers are subject to Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs) and audits, with the average recoupment per chart ranging from $1,200 to $11,000! New providers are especially vulnerable and can have 20-40 charts requested, which can result in potential losses up to $400k.*

This is on top of the time spent gathering requested documentation, managing the review process, and handling any follow-up necessary after the dust has settled that often detracts from patient care and growing your census.

*Based on industry data believed to be correct upon the time of publication

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