Healthcare Business Planning Checklist

See How Well Your Business is Positioned for Success:

Is your healthcare business positioned for success? This checklist can help you understand where your business is prepared to meet your goals, and where you may be at risk. 

A quick check-up on the health of your business can provide you clarity in these key areas:


• Employee Satisfaction
• Leadership Effectiveness
• Resources
• Time & Capacity


• Employment Laws
• Documentation Quality
• Training & Compliance
• Risk Management


• Growing Your Business
• Billing & RCM
• Costs vs. Results
• Exposure to Fines


• Streamlining Processes
• Data & Automation
• Resource Needs
• Patient Care Capacity

It's never too early or too late to set your business, your team, and your patients up for success and satisfaction! This checklist is a great place to start!

“Empower helped us be successful because they allowed us to give quality care and be available to families in their time of need. The way they react to your needs doesn’t hold up care or billing – everything is available to you at the sending of an email or a call.”
Empower Partner, Executive Director

Empower was formed to help healthcare companies just like yours with the multitude of regulations and operational processes that are key to your success. We can help you streamline your daily workflow, save time, reduce risk, and thrive – often with cost savings!