Healthcare Business Checklist


Is your healthcare business positioned for success? This checklist can help you understand where your business is prepared to meet your goals, and where you may be at risk.

Medicare Billing: Myth vs. Fact

There are many misconceptions about what is and isn’t allowed by Medicare when billing for hospice services. Here are 5 common errors – do you know them all?

Advantages for Your Business With Empower

Organizations like Empower provide several distinct advantages to our partners that can free up resources and time to devote to your core business purpose. Learn more about how the many solutions we provide to help you succeed.

How HR Outsourcing Helps Your Team Win

Outsourcing your HR functions can help your entire team win by keeping you protected and providing a better employment experience – leading to better patient care. Find out about many of the common challenges we can help with while you remain in control of your business.

3 Major Benefits of Outsourcing Your Billing

Did you know that partnering with Empower for your billing and RCM can create several advantages in three main areas for you, your staff, and your patients? Read our infographic to find out what they are.