About Us

Our Mission

With over 60 years of combined experience in financial healthcare, we’re uniquely equipped to understand and provide solutions for your business that other partners might not offer. Our solutions are designed to drive productivity and growth for healthcare companies across the country. 

Our Vision

Unified Team, Unified Solutions

We strive to use our knowledge and expertise to provide tools which aid in streamlining systems and simplifying processes company-wide to drive successful results. Empower operates as a partner for your business, and our team shares the same vision of quality healthcare for patients and families in their communities. We bring unique value to our partnerships by offering a variety of resources, all in one place, supported by a united team whose primary focus is to serve you.

Revenue Cycle Management

We'll take a weight off your shoulders through streamlined RCM administration.

Compliance Services

Let us help your team stay on track for success with regulatory requirements.

Professional Employment Org

Our HR, payroll, benefits, and other employer solutions support you and your staff.

Digital & Data Solutions

Technical resources to improve information and interactions across your organization.

Core Values

Excellence — Be intentional and impactful, constantly driving for excellence to achieve success.

Mindset — Think big, create solutions, take off with action!

Progressive — Take initiative, be proactive, and encourage creativity by continuously challenging methods and procedures to improve solutions and drive growth.

Organic — Promote well-being for our partners, their employees, and our team to best serve our clients with ethics and transparency.

Welcoming – Develop meaningful relationships from day one; when you work with Empower, you are part of the family!

Evolution — Never settle for the status quo – consistently strive for growth and improvement.

Results — When our partners win, we win. We believe in winning together and celebrating achievements in big moments, small moments, and everything in between!

Partners First

“Empower helped us be successful because they allowed us to give quality care and be available to families in their time of need. The way they react to your needs doesn’t hold up care or billing – everything is available to you at the sending of an email or a call.”

“We work as a team, there's no separation – you know who you’re working with and you have relationships with them. It's not a call center.”

“Because they are focused on patient care, Empower helps communities focused on quality of life. They are very family oriented and allow staff the chance to bond with families.”

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Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Headed

2019 Empower Services established


Built team and company infrastructure
Prepared teams for robust solutions and services offered to internal customers
Extend service solutions to external market